Below is pricing for packing and container fees. For a moving estimate, please click here.

DerscriptionPerContainer ChargePacking Rate
Drum, Dish Pack, or BarrelEach$ 5.00$ 20.00
Box Book (1.5 cu.ft.)Each$ 2.50$ 5.00
Box Medium (3.1 cu.ft.)Each$ 3.50$ 8.00
Box Large (4.5 cu.ft.)Each$ 4.50$ 9.00
Wardrobe Carton (10 cu.ft.)Each$ 10.00(Rent $ 5.00)
BuyEach$ 12.00$ 5.00
RentEach$ 5.00$ 5.00
Crib Mattress CartonEach$ 3.65$ 4.70
Mattress CoverEach$ 4.00$ 3.60
Picture Box (34x48x3)Each$ 5.00$ 15.00
Lamp BoxEach$ 6.00$ 10.00

Jay Movers ensures that the rate for packing and the material charges are in accordance with the Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association. Our professionally trained crew will make sure to protect your furniture and breakables in preparation for a long distance move or a move into storage. Whether it’s piano, chandelier, or electronic component, we will do our best to pack that item properly. Remember to check with the Better Business Bureau at 312-832-0500 or for a background check. You may also contact the Illinois Commerce Commission at 217-782-4654 to verify the license and insurance and check complaints that may have been filed about movers in Illinois. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our service.